Keurig K-Slim Pros & Cons Review: 5″ fit any free space

Is Keurig K-Slim good to be a small coffee maker? How to use this coffee maker? K Cup Pod, Single Serve, Removable water reservoir, MultiStream Technology are what the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker features at. The features, the pros and cons are exploded below for reference.

Small Coffee Maker? Keurig K-Slim

Keurig K-Slim Review

1. Product Brief Description & Feature

1.1 How large is a Keurig K-Slim coffee brewer?

Height 12.14″ (17.28″ with handle open)

Width 4.76″

Depth 15.2″

Weight 6.22 lbs

Cord Length 29″

1.2 How much could Keurig K Slim coffee machine be served each time?

3 cup sizes available, 8, 10, 12 oz

1.3 How many cups can a Keurig K Slim serve each time?

Removable water reservoir holds up to 46 oz of water

1.4 How long does a Keurig K-Slim coffee machine take to brew a cup of coffee?

Delicious coffee in minutes

1.5 What are the steps to make a cup of coffee by Keurig K Slim coffee maker?

Just push buttons.

1.6 Can a travel mug be used in a Keurig K-Slim coffee machine?

Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7″ tall.

1.7 Is K-Slim compatible with the My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter?

Yes, My K-Cup Universal Coffee Filter could be used.

1.8 What color options are available?

Black, Scarlet Red, White

coffee machine review

2. Pros of using Keurig K-Slim

2.1 Machine size fit for both home use and office use

Similar to K-Mini Plus or K-Express, it is just around 5″ wide and has a removable water reservoir/ water tank. Good enough for a small space to place it. Good for office use or home use. A good option as an office coffee maker or home coffee machine.

2.2 Easy to use

Just press buttons. No complicated switches or programming.

2.3 Easy transport

With removable reservoir, it is easy to move the coffee machine anywhere. In addition, it is travel mug friendly that fits a 7″ travel mug.

2.4 Tidy & great appearance

There are multiple colors to choose. The appearance decorates the kitchen easily.

2.5 Multiple cups of coffee

The removable reservoir / water tank allows 46 oz water. This feature is clearly a good news especially to users who have experienced Keurig K-Mini, which allows 1 cup by pouring water into the coffee machine each time.

2.6 MultiStream technology

This allows the brewer to extract more flavor and aroma in every brew. This function is highlighted and seems not found in K-Express or K-Mini Plus while all 3 have water reservoir feature.

3. Cons of using Keurig K-Slim

3.1 Not as many coffee selection as those in coffee shop

No latte, mocha, flat white…

3.2 Machine size is not as small as Keurig K-Mini

With removable reservoir, Keurig K-Slim is 15.2 deep, occupying more spaces than K Mini.

3.3 No auto-brew function

K-Duo has auto-brew function that can be set 24 hours in advance while this one K-Slim doesn’t have such feature. Simply press button each time whenever coffee is needed.

4. Conclusion

K-Slim, K-Express, K-Mini Plus are very similar that they all have removable water reservoir. But the MultiStream technology is the feature of K-Slim so more flavor and aroma is extracted in every brew. This attracts those who needs stronger favor of coffee.

Similar to other coffee maker review, K-slim review also focus on its ease of use. Easy to use should be another thing that users who like simple stuff to be attracted. No complicated programming but just one press button and then enjoy a cup of coffee. Some people may feel frustrated to put coffee beans, milk, water and then need to choose among latte, mocha, flat white… different types of expresso coffee. Sometimes a coffee machine with too many options hinders users to enjoy the machine and the coffee. But this slim coffee maker just fits those who like simple and easy ways to enjoy coffee.

K-Slim Coffee Machine is compatible with My K-Cup Universal Filter, which fits those who has bought Keurig coffee machines before.

Not just black, but other colors are also available so that those who like colorful ones also could choose a brighter color. Its small size and tidy appearance are attractive with all different colors.

Although it is heavier than K-Express and K-Mini Plus, it actually is very light and its slim outlook allows it to be moved around the office / home. And it even fits a travel mug, that is really a good design for users who has higher mobility.

So it is a coffee machine good for either office use or home use.

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